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Sectioning Design Layer Viewports

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If a Section Viewport includes a referenced DLVP, the classes of the referenced viewport seemingly cannot be controlled. My section viewport is on a sheet layer. In the Section Viewport OIP, I can control classes that are on the design layer.

But all classes in the referenced DLVP (visible and invisible) show up in my section whether I want them to or not.

This is problematic for me because our theatre architecture, mechanical systems, lighting systems all exist in a separate document. I reference them in on a design layer viewport. But I have no control of those referenced classes in my section viewport.

Maybe someone has an answer before I submit it as a bug.

Here are two documents. If you save them in the same folder, the reference should work.

Section Bug File 1 has 3 extrudes, each in a different class.

Section Bug File 2 has a dlvp of Section Bug File 1. It also has two extruded circles on the design layer.

Look at Sheet Layer 1 where I have placed a Section Viewport. All of the referenced objects appear. Even if I turn them off in the viewport on the design layer, they all appear. Even if I turn two of them off before creating the section, all three will appear in the section.

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I dont have VW2013 at home so I can't really open these files. (Am on 2012 at the moment). But I will check them once am at work.

Just a quick question did you select the option to 'Use current document's class visibilities' in the viewport class properties of the Referenced Design Layer Viewport?

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I tried "use current class visibilities"

The classes that I'm referencing don't exist in the document I'm working on. One of the reasons I'm referencing is to control the number of classes and layers.

For now I will have to figure out what classes I need for my section, place those on a separate layer in the referenced document, reference that layer as a dlvp. A little cumbersome, but the main section that I need doesn't have to change much.

Here are the documents exported to 2012. The DLVP link might be messed up after exporting to 2012. In Section Bug 2, create a DLVP of Section Bug 1.

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