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Elevation benchmark weirdness

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I received a VW 2012 file from a consultant that several viewports containing benchmark PIOs in their Annotation layers.

The existing benchmarks need to be flipped horizontally and a few viewports need to have benchmarks added, however, moving or flipping an existing benchmark, changing its class, or adding a new one, whether by copy/paste, duplicate, or from the tool set, causes the line style to change from continuous to dashed. This occurs on both design and sheet layers, and in both DLVPs and SLVPs, and attempting to change the line style via the attributes pallet has no effect.

Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a way to force the line style to continuous?

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Oddly, I've just added a benchmark symbol to a V.2013 Designer file and found that the underline is dashed. I don't remember this happening ever.

Selecting the benchmark symbol and clicking on a line style either on the Attributes palette or the Resource browser line styles library has no effect on the underline BUT DOES CHANGE THE LINE STYLE OF THE CIRCLE at the underline's end.

My advice would be to ungroup and change elements individually and post this as a bug to NA.


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Also noticed, in v2013, Designer, that when inserting a Drawing Label into a drawing, it won't accept a fill, at least not behind the text forming the title of the drawing. Oddly, the circle holding page number/detail numbers (which can be customized via the OIP) WILL accept a fill, just not the main body of text.


PS. I have turned both of these in as bugs.

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So far in v2014 Architect (and v2013 Architect before hand) I have noticed plenty of weirdness with the Elevation benchmark PIO.

However in my case the main problem is that whenever I open the file the line type settings change; almost randomly changing from dashed to hidden to a series of faint dots and then to being continuous.

The text also frequently flips upside down and/or gets mirrored reverse.

(BTW - I always consistently keep the 'Adjust Flipped Text' option turned off so I know that should not be a factor in this. I have seen the text display correct and reversed regardless of how that is set).

The latest bit of weirdness is that the benchmark line itself (drawn in the viewport annotation layer) suddenly increased in length by about a factor of 6 cutting across the rest of the drawing.

I am tempted to just explode this PIO or just redraw it. Things like this become very frustrating when you can't trust them to display probably. Comparatively speaking I would think this would have to be one of the easiest PIO's for Nemetschek to create and hence you would expect a greater amount of predictability in it's display settings.

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I found the PIO buggy several iterations ago. Due to the work-arounds and the fact that in Ontario the standard is to draw a half circle with the elevation called out inside the half circle, & the PIO can't represent this standard, I just stopped using the tool all together. No biggie most of the projects I work on are rarely taller than five or six levels, but it can lead to mistakes. Imagine if the Dimension Tool had the similar issues... er, never mind.

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