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Sheet Numbering forgotten when restarting

Tom G.


In v.2013 Vwks "forgets" my Sheet settings numbering order, typically ordered to comprise a printed set of drawings--Sheet Number first, then Sheet Title-- and reverts to the Stacking Order, 1,2,3, etc., apparently favoring the order of creation. This makes no sense. I never consult the stacking order of Sheets as it is irrelevant to my process of sorting pages. As an organizing principle, why should Sheets be favored as the dominate order? I create many types of sheets along the way to my final set that I never intend to be part of a planset.

This out-of-order order also shows up in the OIP when selecting items from one layer and attempting to move them to another. It simply kills readability and slows me down substantially as I hunt and peck to find my lost layer. NOTE: If I reset my Sheet Number/Title to be the dominate sort on the Navigation palette, the OIP shows the order in favor of the Stacking Order. The OIP DOES NOT respond to my preference change.

I found that one can TRICK Vwks by dragging the stacking order to correspond to the sheet numbering order. This is an unwelcome realization.

Why can't Vwks 2013 simply remember my preference after a restart? This can't be by design. Please allow Vwks to remember the user's last ordering of Sheets on the Navigation palette and make the OIP agree.


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This is entirely to do with the stacking order being added in VW2013.

As far as I'm concerned the stacking order is only useful in new files and only if multiple sheets can have the same sheet number, otherwise it just gets in the way.

I would like the old dominance to return as the default too. And for VW to re-assign the stacking order to match the sheet number order of the original file when importing from older versions of VW.

One step forward, two steps back....


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I want to edit my first post somewhat. I said that on the OIP, Sheets also showed in a Stacking Order by default and that that caused me problems when I moved items from Layer to Layer. I user Layer-to-Layer on the OIP to move items from one to another, not Layer-to-Sheet or even Sheet-to-Sheet (although others may find some utility in the latter two options).


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