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I'm pretty sure that the Create Model tool is a "legacy" tool - judging by its use of layer links. On a design layer, it basically creates a group with layer links set to a view. The view can't be edited after that, but the crop can.

On a sheet layer it just creates a viewport.

I found this in 2009 help (the formatting won't survive):

Creating a Model View

Product: Architect and Landmark

The Model View tool, similar to the Layer Link command in the Standard workspace, creates objects that are a 3D view of selected design layers and places them onto a single design layer. Unlike the Layer Link command, multiple representational model views can be easily created on one design layer, each in its own view.

To create a model view:

1.Create a new design layer or switch to the design layer that should contain the model view.

2.Click the Model View tool from the Visualization tool set.

3.Click on the design layer to indicate the approximate center of the model view.

The Create 3D Model View dialog box opens. Specify the layers to include and set the view for the current layer.


Layer list.....................Lists the design layers which can be added to or deleted from a model view; the active layer, sheet layers, and layers containing model views or linked objects cannot be selected, and are therefore not listed.

Select the design layer(s) to add to the model view and deselect design layers which should not be included in the model view. A selected layer displays with a check mark.

Choose All Layers.........Selects all listed design layers for addition to the model view

Rotate to......................Select the 3D view the model is automatically rotated to when placed on the drawing. Choosing a view sets the current design layer to Top/Plan view. Choose None for the model to use the current 3D view of the layer.

4.Click OK to create the model view.

If the Model View tool is used on a sheet layer, the Create Viewport command is run. See Creating a Sheet Layer Viewport from a Design Layer



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