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how can I create a sliding barn door in Vectorworks?

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I am trying to make a simple sliding barn door (you know-with big clunky hardware on the outside, and the door hanging from a track). I've messed around with the standard door settings. And found I can get pretty close with the pocket door offset 4". But, the darn "pocket" is still displayed. Of course, trying to make this work in a rendered view won't work and I'll still have to draw the hardware in any interior elevations.

Anyone have any workflow for this type of door? [img:left][/img]

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I have done it by modeling the pieces, as follows: first create the opening in the wall using the door tool; next create the Door. It can be a simple Extrude or something slightly more dressed up (see attached) made from two simple Extrudes. Then create the track, which can also be a simple Extrude or and Extrude Along Path. It's probably a good idea to either Group the Door and Track, or even to make an insertable Symbol out of all three parts... Have fun!

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Create the parts you need and create them into a symbol. Then go to the Door tool. Click on the preferences button on the tool bar. There is in option on the General settings that allows you to Use Symbol Geometry, use that to select your symbol.

This allows you to create the symbol you need, and still allows you to use the door or window tool. I have I movie on my web site about this, but it's only for subscribers.

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Maybe you can help me fix this.... I have a few problems using Jonathan's approach.

I modeled two simple sliding barn doors. One that included the track hardware and another that did not.

When I used the door with sliding door track. The door symbol inserted with an irregular opening. I then modeled the door only and used it as the symbol figuring I could add the track element separately.

With both openings, I had trouble getting my wall lines to reappear, and controlling the location of the door in plan, ie showing it open instead of closed. Maybe there are fixes. Would it be possible to just add this functionality to the door command?



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