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Hidden line rendering with sketch


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In VW 12.5 I often did hidden line renderings with one of the sketch modes to make the image look less "real." In VW 2013 this apparently has been changed to have a background and foreground rendering, supposedly to mimic having two VPs stacked on each other. This is not really something I'd spend my time on as a VW programmer, but it seems harmless?except that it doesn't work. If I do a background render as hidden line and the foreground render as "sketch" and all I get is a wireframe sketch image. This is quite a step backward from VW12.5 in which this often used technique was very simple. The only way I can think to do it with "updated" VW2013 is to, you guessed it, stack two VPs on top of each other, That doesn't work, either. Can anyone help me out as to what I'm doing wrong or if this is just another lost feature?

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...and put the Foreground to "none." That is the important step. Basically remove the double-render option. I find this pretty non-intuitive. I'd think that the foreground would be the primary render. A much better way to do it would to not have it split at all with labels like "foreground" and "background," that are utterly misused here. Those words refer to objects in a three-dimensional space where the foreground objects are nearer to you and partially obscure the background objects. VW should have simply called it "Render one" and "Render two" or "Main render" and "Overlay render." That would make sense. This reminds me of poor translations from other languages where the subtlety is totally lost...along with the meaning. Thanks for the tip, however, it worked like a charm.

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Actually, the Foreground/Background are not as incorrect as you suggest. One render mode is actually "on top" of the the other. No it's not in 3d space, but...

Also, did you know that if you set the Background to Hidden Line, then click the Background Render Settings button there is a choice to "Sketch Hidden Line Results"?

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