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Shortcut to switch between Screen Plane and Layer Plane

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You want something easier than just selecting the plane mode from the "Active Plane" pulldown in the view bar?

I don't know about you, but I can hit a keyboard shortcut a helluva lot quicker than I can move the mouse pointer to the pulldown, click-drag to the desired plane mode, release the mouse button, and move the pointer back to where I left off, so, yes, a keyboard shortcut is a lot easier than changing the plane via a pulldown in the view bar, so, yes, I DO want something easier than selecting plane mode from the pulldown in the view bar.

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I agree. Keyboard shortcuts are way quicker, and having to slide up to a pulldown is a pain if you do it a lot. Especially if you use a very large monitor (I use a 46 inch HDTV as my main monitor, and often I would have to be sliding the cursor over 1 or 2 FEET of screen). It's all about efficiency. Every single click you can eliminate, every needless cursor movement you can remove, and every time you don't have to stop and read between two choices and select one of them, is very important to a well thought out interface. All those things are no longer a priority to VW programmers, in fact I don't think they even consider them when designing a command or tool. But I wish they would go back to the old ways and make them priorities.

And I know I'm beating a dead horse. Still gonna beat it though.

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