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Sheet numbering forgetting order

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In v.2013 Designer, I find that the order I've left my Sheets in, as shown on the Navigation palette, change to another order scheme sometime during my usage of the program. What causes this unwanted re-ordering of Sheets?



Mac OS 10.7.5, newest Vwks build.

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It could be the newly implemented sheet stacking order "feature" that was introduced in VW2013. The stacking order seems to be based on the order the layers were created. If you view the same file in VW2012 the sheets will appear in the order of the sheet number field.....

Or you've inadvertently clicked on a different column header (highlighted in blue) and the sheet layers are being shown organized by that.


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Thanks, Kevin.

Just to be clear, my problem is that when restarting my file, Vwks in v.2013 "forgets" my Sheet settings numbering order, typically ordered to comprise a printed set of drawings--sheet number first, then name-- and reverts to the Stacking Order, as Kevin suggests, in the order of creation. This makes no sense. I never consult the stacking order of Sheets as it is irrelevant to my process of sorting pages. As an organizing principle, why should Sheets order themselves as originally created? Is anyone that dogmatic and pedantic to go from A to Z without deviation, never creating test sheets or jpeg sheets or other misc in between?

This out-of-order order also shows up in the OIP when selecting items from one layer and attempting to move them to another. It simply kills readability and slows me down substantially as I hunt and peck to find my lost layer.

I found that one can TRICK Vwks by dragging the stacking order to correspond to the sheet numbering order. This is an unwelcome realization.

Why can't Vwks 2013 simply remember my preference after a restart? This can't be by design.

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