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Curved window


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If you need to model a bowed pane of glass, there are many ways, but an extrude is easiest to explain:

Draw the plan view curve of the pane with the Polyline tool in arc mode. Don't use the Arc tool. An arc extrudes with its radius lines resulting in a 3d "piece of pie" shape.

Select the polyline and extrude it. Key command is Cmd E or Model>Extrude. In the dialog, fill in the desired height.

Now use the Render tab of the OIP to give it a texture with transparency, eg one of the glass textures or one you create.

Same technique can be applied to form curved sash.


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Somebody must have a big bag of money if they're specing curved glass :-)

This could be a restoration. Bowed glass was fairly common in US homes in late 18th and early 19th centuries - the so called Victorians. Maybe other eras, too. I have seen them in many cities.

The local glass suppliers can still create them. It's just a slumping process. Think of car windscreens. Common and not very expensive. I'm literally surrounded by glass blowers, slumpers, fusers and casters so curved glass is the norm.

But we can't tell yet if the original post refers to curved glass, or flat windows on a curved opening.


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