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Strange Plant Problem

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Your right.

Seems to work now with the new plants I am creating. However This was happening before with existing plant of not only my creation but VW plants. I had to try the VW plants when all of my other plants were not working.

I will continue to test and report back.

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Alright, I think I am narrowing it down a bit. When I entered a new id in the plant the listing would go away. However the tags would not display without erasing and re-setting. the other is that you cannot type the same id, this is good. However If your lazy like I was and pulled a plant from another file through the resource browser, and the plant id's were the same(ie. P-2 and P-2) then you have two of the same id's in one file, VW dose not warn you and it seems to corrupt the file. Then you have to start over carefully.

I think this is a Bug, can anyone confirm?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I use an abbreviation of the latin name as the Plant Tag/ID and that usually avoids any problem with duplicates. For example:

Sorbus aria Lutescens becomes Slut (ha ha ha!), and Host Patriot becomes HPat. You can have some real (sad) fun with this.

I will check out the issue of corrupting the file. I've not encountered that before, but then, my Plant Tag/ID fields don't tend to conflict.

I'll check it out.

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Things working now, but the ability to have like id's due to implant from other files is troublesome and could pose issues.

I change the plant id's based per plan and the number in each category. Perennials would be P-1, P-2, P-3, Shrubs S-1, S-2, S-3 so on.

When creating a new plant the field auto populates with untitled 1,2 or 3 and so on as you create. It would be nice to have the ability to set these parameters. Also while were on the topic of plants It would be nice to have a drop down in the 'Get Plant Data' to select the plant list you would like to draw on. this would keep from say (worst case) loading 'All Plants' ( 8,000+ plants) then reloading 'Perennials' (1,200+). Seems like a lot of waiting to process over and over. Especially when my "grasses" list is 81 plants.

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Tamsin, as for some of the other strange issues when creating plants often the labels will not post on the original. and when you select to erase the tag and a small square in the middle of the plant disappear while the overall plant stays and is not selectable. This does go away when resized or closed and reopened.

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