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Worksheet Rounding

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I am trying to figure out the best way to round a value in a worksheet. I have a worksheet I have generated that creates a list of symbols with a given record and displays the fields I want in the order I want. I have two columns one labeled "=(xcoordinate)" and "=(ycoordinate)".

I typically like to have my units set to Feet and Inches with a precision of 1/8" or 1/16" of a inch. Now the exception is in this report I like to have it round to the nearest inch. I do not want fractional values in the document. My initial thought was to change my database header to "=round(xcoordinate)" & "=round(ycoordinate)". However this is rounding to the nearest foot.

My question after all of this is what do I need to put in my equation to have my values appear as rounded to the nearest inch without changing my units to have a precision lacking fractions.



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I played around with this a while ago and wasn't able to come up with a great solution. (There's probably a simple solution that eludes me.)

This gets close:


It fails in two circumstances:

1. If the coordinate is between -1' and 0 it gives a positive value instead of negative.

2. If the coordinate is between x' 11 1/2" and( x+1)' it returns x' 12"

It's probably possible to If/Then around those cases, but I gave up.

example attached.


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