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Attributes line access too cumbersome

Tom G.


Exactly what is the workflow NV imagined that created the current bottleneck in choosing lines in the Attributes palette in v.2013? One should be able to slide off of a line weight choice and tag a line type choice in one move or nearly so. Making this v. 2013 awkward-selection process much worse if the fact that it is possible to lose the solid line* completely and not be able to find it in the Attributes line palette. You then have to leave the attributes palette, select the line tool and draw a solid line to get back to terra firma. Again, there is NO solid line option offered on the line palette (!). (At least not on my palette, v.2013 Designer, Mac OS 10.7.5)

Many of us do not draw lines by Class. This is the only scenario I can think of where the NV engineers would make line choice more difficult than it has been in previous versions of Vwks.

*If you choose lines from the Resource Browser and then return to the Attributes palette, you can lose the ability to select a solid line since none is offered. And please, I hope no one suggests that I should be editing the line palette to add in a solid line.


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I want to add to the post above. A big part of my frustration is that we are expected to convert a dashed line to a solid line not by selecting a solid line from among the graphic choices, as we did in past versions of Vwks, but by selection of the solid color block that is at the top of the chain of actions on the Attributes palette. This wide separation of actions is very unintuitive and time consuming. The wide color block, looking exactly like the color fill block above, suggests no particular action by its shape. Often, the solid color block is not available, having been changed out of its form by an earlier visit, thus more hunting in pecking is required.

Solid line selection can't be located outside the container of line types. If I want to change the TV channel, I shouldn't have to leave the living room and enter the garage after going through several doors to do it but this example is analogous of its current setup in v.2013.

Continuing, the Attributes palette is split in half, essentially, with Default content on the bottom half and with a sign at the middle that says Default but on first reading, is it referring to the group above or below? The group above has no reference name (it is the line group in use in the current file). Both groups need names with a marker indicating the direction of ownership. (You'll find this same weak naming scheme where textures are displayed.)

The load to learn Vwks is high. The most basic of tasks, line selection, HAS to be made simple.


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