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Not enough space on the disk?


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Working on a 650 mhz Gateway w/128mb.Vectorworks 8.5.2. I was working on a 3D site plan for an exhibit gallery, saved numerous times and everything was going great. Before I left for the day I saved and quit. Next morning, NO BYTES in the file. Now everytime I try to save anything I get "There is not enough space on the disk to save the file."

Did harddisk defrag., Scandisk, uninstalled VW and Re-installed all to no avail. Please let me know how to get this problem solved.


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Now I just experienced a similar problem;

I opened the file off a cd-rw (udf packet wrinting), made a few changes, then saved back to the cd-rw. VW showed an error "-39 block is full" (or similar). Now the file is damaged and can't be opened.

The cd-rw was definitely not full before, there's still only 3mb of files on it.

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Katie, u can save directly to a cd if you have the right software installed. In my case Ahead's InCD, on a win2000 computer.

I suspect my problem was caused by something other than VW though, 'cause I can open the corrupted file on another machine without a problem. I should have tried restarting, which probably woulda fixed it.

Thanks for answering.


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I am one of the many admins on this website. I try to answer here when possible, but I don't always have time to come here and reply to everything. If you want direct help from Tech Support, you should contact us by phone, email or fax. Phone being the quickest. Keep in mind, while I do answer posts here, I am not required to answer posts here. I only answer posts here when free time finds me.

As for your saving issue. You are using VW 8.5.2. This could be a problem that was in VW 8.5.2 that I didn't know about. (I came on board long after 8 was completed.), it could be a permissiosn thing, it could me many things.

Are you saving to your local c drive?Can you save from other applications fine?How large are the files you are trying to save?What OS are you working on?Have you run scan disk and defrag lately on your hard drive to check for errors and fragmentation lately?

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