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Converting to Generic Solids

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Is there a way to convert an extrude directly to a generic solid? It seems there are a lot of work around but Vectorworks won't allow me to convert them directly.

(This is not something I would normally do. I'm having some file conversion issues and things like symbols and extrudes seem to be disappearing in the conversion. My collaborator is using a high end industrial program called NX6. Ironically it imports Parasolid but apparently not a Parasolid file generated by Vectorworks.)


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Converting Extrudes to Generic Solid was never a problem for me.


And since a few years you can even directly convert Meshes into Solids,

with out the workaround by a PushPull back and forth.

(The Meshes have to be ok and water tight of course)


I have things like "Convert to Solid" in my customized right mouse

option menue.

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