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I am trying to send my VW files to my engineer who uses Autocad 14 & 2000. When I exported and emailed he said he could not open them.

I then made a simple test file only a single rectangle and a three word block of text. I exported this to Autocad Version 14 in three formats:1. DXF, Text2. DXF, Binary3. DWG

He was able to open the DXF, Binary but not the others. With this information I then exported my floor and roof plans to him in DXF, Binary.

He now says he can only open the roof plan, (which is the simplest of the plans). The two floor plans, he cannot open.

I am sending these to him by email as an attachment. If anyone has some suggestions, I would appreciate it.

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We have had generally great success with the DWG export commend. We export to consultants using the "Export as.. layers" checked, export on those "layers visible" checked, and "map line weights to colors" checked. We always check the files prior to transmission by opening a new VW file, and importing the DWG. Our stuff always works really good.

Importing files with viewports, though is another problem...

By the way- we are Mac based, OS X, VW 9.5.2, Powerbook G4.

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Thanks for the input.

I am using Microsoft Outlook Express on a Mac to email. I tried setting it to Mime Base 64 but that did not work at all. When I used Apple Double it worked only on the files as described in my original post. I set the compression to none.

In the VW Export Dialog, I set the following:

Export 2D only (plan view)

Map lineweight to color

Convert class to DXF layers

Invisible classes, do not export

Objects in invisible layers, not exported

The floor plans that are original Mod layer plans. They are not layer linked sheets. (It took me a while to figure out that layer links do not export).

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Might I suggest importing a DWG file from your AutoCad friend, then closley matching your vectorworks file to the structure of the imported dxf/dwg file (eg. classes, layers, line weights, etc.) It may get you a bit closer to a solution.

Also - I have read that DXF files are 3D in nature, maybe not converting to 2D might help.

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My advice would be:

If you can view one Layer/Plan at a time then export a single DWG for each one of them, by repeating the export procedure on each view.Floor Plan -> floor.dwg Roof Plan -> roof.dwg,etc.

As you are on a Mac, don't forget to add the ".dwg" extention to your filenames.

Download the DropZip or the ZipIt compression utility and always send your files 'zipped'. Make sure your compressed filenames look like: "archivename.zip"

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