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Worksheet reports & dynamic symbol names

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I have a wish or two.

When designers in our office update the name of a furniture symbol via the resource browser I would like a text block within the symbol to display the symbols updated name immediately. In addition each symbol instance previously placed on the drawing should also be automatically updated to reflect the name change.

I thank you in advance for any tips that would help my wishes come true.

I currently use VW2012 Architect

P.S. I understand Record formats and the link text to record function quite well ... The challenge here is slightly different and tries to avoid the confusion some users have between the name field in a record format and the name of symbol instance itself. Also note that symbols will be listed in a report and summarized by symbol name (no record formats required).

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Hi Fred, did you get anywhere with this? It's exactly what i'm trying to achieve, but i'm only just learning reports/fields etc

The reports only seem to look at the fields, which can be unique for each symbol, even if they are exactly the same symbol type. which can work, but like you say if you want to change the name once for all symbols, you want this to update the report.

Say you had a cost applied to a door type, and had 200 copied of that door, how do you change the cost attached to the door, without changing the field on each door?

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