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Symbols rotate when edited


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I'm upgrading from VW 12.5, so this is quite a leap to VW 2013. I've noticed what has to be a a preference that I switched on by mistake. In all previous versions of VW/MiniCAD, when you double-clicked on a symbol it opened in the edit window the way it was drawn. In VW2013, however, double-clicking on a rotated symbol opens the edit window with the symbol rotated to that particular instance's angle. This can't be right. No one would want to edit a rotated symbol. There is a clumsy work-around by control-clicking, selecting show in Resource Browser, clicking Edit: three steps instead of one. If this is a bug it is inexcusable, but I'm sure it's just a pref I can't find. Can someone tell me where it is? Thanks very much! I'm running Mac OS 10.8.2 on a 27" iMac


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If you activate Top/Plan View the working plane will rotate back to upright. This can be done by:

- Pressing zero on the numeric keypad.

- Using the keyboard shortcut (command 5 on a Mac).

- Selecting Top/Plan View on the View Bar 'Views' pop-up.

- Selecting Top/Plan View on the 'View' menu.

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Mike, awesome! Just to be clear, MH, Mike means when you have double-clicked on the symbol and it shows up rotated in its edit space, you use a command to activate the Top/Plan view, and the symbol will rotate to it's normal orientation. Mike, it looks from the behavior of the screen as though VW is actually accomplishing this through the "rotate view" algorithm. The beauty is that you can still see other objects in normal edit space to work on the symbol in context.

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Thanks Mike and Pete, that works great!

In the 18 years I've been using MiniCAD/VectorWorks I've never once wished I could edit a symbol in anything other than its originally drawn orientation. Clearly others need this, however, and this is a fantastic way to give both groups what they want. I bet at some point I'll use it to my advantage, too. It's kinda cool how the symbol slowly rotates in the edit window, too. Thanks again for your quick response.


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