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Bugs, Bug Submit, Bug Fixes - What's your experience?

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Over the last few years I've filed a lot of detailed bug reports. I feel like its our duty as users to report things so VW becomes a better product. Depending on the complexity of describing the bug I either use Bugsubmit or I file it directly through my distributor.

Today's release of SP3 made me wonder "Does us submitting bugs actually help?". Each time a SP is released I scroll through the list of fixed bugs to see if any of my bugs have made the list. To this day I have never seen one in the fix list.

After installing SP3 I did a test of the last few bugs I remember filing. Disappointingly all of them are still there. So I'm curious, have bugs you've filed been fixed - in SPs? in full releases? Or are they still bugs?

This is purely out of curiosity. I understand that there are probably many versions of VW currently under development - the current SP, the next big release, and the multiple year overhaul - and so there are many levels of bugs - internal, user submitted, legacy that may become irrelevant as things are phased out.

I'm also curious if anyone knows how NV approaches the bug list. Is what we see listed as fixes with each SP the comprehensive list or just the user submitted bugs?

What's your experience with VW and bugs?


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It's a good question. I'm pretty sure that over the years bugs I have submitted have been fixed, but off the top of my heard I can't recall specifically. I think all SP releases are "repairing" bugs. The problem most likely is there are so many bugs that they have to prioritize them and deal with them as they can. New features are nice, and they drive software sales, but I would much rather have a more solid program that doesn't fight me all the time.

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Yes - I have seen bugs that I've reported get fixed. Usually not in the SP following the bug report, but the second SP after the bug report - if it's a big bug.

I think you're correct, Kevin: There seems to be a fix now list, a fix soon list, a fix eventually list....

I'd love to see that list (and renumber / reorder it)!


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i have submitted a lot of bugs, both through service select--as i am doing at this very minute--and the bug submit site, especially with 2013. some of them were fixed, others i'm tole will take a long time, and others i don't know.

quite frankly, i'm tired of having to do this. i don't appreciate being treated as a beta tester. i work with other programs, especially in my teaching, and we don't experience nearly as many bugs in those programs as i do in vectorworks. i wish they had some decent form of quality control. i simply don't have time for this.


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They probably go by the premise that if no one reports a bug then there aren't any, or based on bug report quantity count.

We should not be the beta testers to find the bugs. In their minds it is probably considered a more viable solution.

Why spend the time and money fixing what is wrong when the users will tell us and we will fix the bugs then, maybe.

Just a guess, but when one reads the bug fix list report of the SP's one begins to wonder.

Do they not test (real world) the product before shipping it?

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