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Plumbing Pipe Fittings

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This Just came up in a user meeting. I was trying to design a basic pump house layout and was using my swiss army knife, ConnectCAD. This is a total life saver.

1. Thank you. This is amazing.

2. how can I repay you? I have to admit, I have nothing quite this cool or useful to offer up.


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I have a similar set of small sizes of PVC from a manufacturer names SPEARS.  Be careful if you are using this in tight quarters.  Different manufacturers produce different sizes. If you are putting fittings close together you need to confirm the dimensions from the specific manufacturer.


We often close fit elbows and tees in 3/4" to 3" sizes and had to redo a job when the fabricator used Hayward parts that had larger dimensions that the Spears we specified. Nothing lined up properly.

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