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Plumbing Pipe Fittings

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since then I have developed my own library of pipe fittings & just build all my runs manually...

any tool would need to accommodate any symbol vs having a set of fittings to pick from...this ability to insert fittings would make it universal..

by using the 3d space navigator with the VGM (working in perspective) I have been putting together piping systems for a few years and gotten comfortable with it...

placing a slope in a pipe system is still the killer problem...it can be done but you really need to think about it...



3d models from McMaster Carr



SDR35 Pipe above (models made by careful research of product information)


ADS N-12 Pipe above  (models made by careful research of product information)

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a argument AGAINST a piping tool is if you have parts of the pipe run with special fabrication...

note the images below & ask yourself:

How would this fit into a piping tool?

When making a BOM how do separate straight runs with the special fabrications?

The straight runs are labeled with orange.  all others are products, vendor or fab

Also note the Fernco fittings Q13...How would they work with a pipe tool?


So in hindsight. I would not use a pipe tool for most of my work...




the image below would not be included in the over all pipe order since it is now a product of the fabrication shop...that is their concern and you just order the product..





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This now leads me to a fundamental discovery...the more precise the model is the more you can get out of it...so when I do direct modeling (symbols snapped to other symbols) ...I get exactly what I want with no fussing about later...


the key to success is having the proper tools for symbol management...such as:

1. Make vps directly from symbols with no need to place symbols on layers to make vp

2. Have "playlists" and not folders in the resource library.  this would allow you to have a symbol in several playlist.  Ex "playlist Phase 1"  "playlist fabrication"

3. Have the ability to do subtractions of symbols..this would allow you to make "symbol products" then when you cut a hole in it the computer will still count that you need that original product (realizing that you order the product BUT cut a hole in it latter in the field)


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Also it seems like with the invention of the VGM and the 3d space navigator these fundamental items have eliminated the need for a pipe tool...


This is worth noting because the VGM/3d Connexion benefit all disciplines whereas a piping tool would be for a select few...


the 80/20 rule seems to be applicable here...so keep focusing on the core 20%


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On 3/27/2013 at 9:26 AM, Assembly said:

I don't know any good resource

I built my own, the script is a bit rough so not really for general public.

If other users think this looks like a good tool, I would be happy to give it to NA to develop properly.




Not sure if you are still around @Assembly, but did you develop this any further by any chance?

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so I have a library of ABS & PVC fittings in 3d...was thinking of making the library free to all...

the fittings library would be in Onshape. but you could download and import with ease...parasolids work the best as they keep the center snaps..

the library is not complete...you would need to post a comment in Onshape asking for any missing items...


since this is provided free then It takes a back seat to my main work


This is what an imported object looks like in VW




102 Reducer 3x4 HH PVC Import.vwx


who is interested? 





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what that means is i share the library free with you...its a work in progress so if you see a fitting that is not in the library then you post a comment in Onshape making a request...then i will model it and add it to the library...but since i'm doing this for free I may not get to it for a few days...




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