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Esc key and Object Info Palette

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In previous versions of VW, pressing the key while in the object info palette would move focus back to the main drawing window, allowing another keyboard shortcut to activate a tool. This doesn't seem to work anymore in 2013 - am I missing a setting?

I keep entering "x" in fields everywhere as I try to activate the selection tool after editing some information.



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Hmm, should have said:

VW 2013 SP2 (Build 177995)

Mac OS 10.8.3

Macbook Pro 15" Core i7

8gb RAM

Does that narrow it down at all?

Is there a preference I'm missing? Been driving me nuts for almost 6 months now!



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On my MacBook Pro the Caps Lock key requires a harder key stroke to activate than other keys. And it has to be straight down - a sideways stroke seems to fail most of the time. Also, the "`" key sticks sometimes when I temporarily disable the snaps. This inadvertently locks out all the snaps and grays out the snap palette until I strike the key a few more times to release it. Could your escape key or the way you hit it be part of the problem?


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