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Shift+Click .. How many people ..


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We have been getting reports of certain people having problems with the Shift-Click function.

The problem goes like this -

Select an object. Hold down the Shift key. While holding down the Shift key, select another object. The first object is then deselected.

If you are a victim of this problem, please include the type of computer/OS/version of VW and Carbon Lib (if necessary).

Thanks in advance.

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We're are trying to track down the folks with this problem. I haven't had many calls about it and we have not been able to duplicate it in house. So I am on a mission to find what similarities there are for folks with this problem.

thanks guys!Hopefully more people will share.

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I haven't had that problem, but I have been having problems with v9.5.3b1 on OS10.2. Vectorworks unexpectedly quits all of the time. It usually happens when I am trying to copy information from file to another. It's not just a few of my files either, it is all of them. So when I work I have to try and never copy any thing. It is a real pain! Any suggestions? Is this a known bug that is going to be fixed?

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Katie-Shift+click works OK to add to selection,Shift+Option+Click does not (de-selects previously selected items).

Bob RoeslerMac OS 10.1.5VW 9.5.2CarbonLib 1.6 (but that doesn't have anything to do with OS 10x (or does it?)

The Shift+Option+Click behavior of 9.5.2 is one of the main reasons I still use 8.5.2 as precise selection of multiple items in complex drawings is a daily need.

I have posted several time regarding this. Thanks for looking into what I consider a problem, though others have said it is not.

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katie, i may have some news on this click shift issue. i switched monitors with suzanne because she claimed mine was fuzzy and she no longer needed hers. when i connect my CPU to her old monitor i get her click shift problem. Meanwhile, her CPU is cured with my old monitor. I get another monitor (from a third machine) and connect it to my CPU and i no longer have the click shift. In this office, i can begin to conclude that suzanne's old monitor was the culprit. it seems to be a long shot but i dont know that much about video/ monitor stuff to really asses these facts and draw any other conclusion.

the monitor in question is a viewsonic GS773 series. the two working ones are Viewsonics G773 and E773.

i'm going to run a couple more tests at lunch to see if this holds anymore water. as fun as this is i have to get back to work. smile.gif" border="0


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  • 1 month later...

iMac 800 mhz G4

os 10.2.1

VW 10.0.0

carbon lib(it doesnt say under the os x system folder,

my carbon lib for os 9 is 1.6)

We have another identical system running VW 10, also, without the shift click problem.

I thought I was losing it. I hadn't used VW since 8.6; I was scared that shift-click had been offed like a Sopranos support character.

Please email me with any progress, or if there is NO progress.

Thanks, Austin


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It's true what they (pedro) say.

The remedy was multiple restarts.

I quit the application and restarted it.

Same woes.

I restarted. Same problem.

I restarted again.

All good.

Also, pre- miracle, the option-click did not work either.

I didn't try many more combinations than that.

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The shift+click thing under OS 10 is a problem not only with our application, but several other applications.

Usually restarting once should remedy the problem. Sometimes, a single restart or shut down/start up won't fix it, and you might need to do it as amany as 3 times.

I've also seen this happen in OS 9 and VW running in Classic Mode under OS 10.

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I'm not sure if this is exactly the same problem.

When I drag a marquee around multiple objects to select them everything is ok.

However if I then decide to select some more objects very close to the original ones, ie. press Shift and then drag another marquee box if I go over any of the previously selected objects they get de-selected! This didn't happen in VW 8.5.2.

We are running VW Architect on Windows XP Professional, 1.9Ghz PC's, 512MB Ram, 64 Mb NVidia

Geforce 3 Ti200.

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hey Bryan

the thing with the selections handles showing or not showing when there should

check if you have multiple copies of of the same object on top of each other.

often causes by not having offset duplicate objects selected. or option clicking objects.

what this does is you have an even number of indentical object selected the selection handles don't show up. odd number and they do.

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The program is working the way it's intended to work. There was a change between 8 and 9 for this. Alot of people complained that the shift select didn't work the way it did in other applications and wanted us to conform to those other applications.

If you hold the option key down while marqueeing, anything you touch with the marquee and anything inside will be selected. This might be a better way to select objects that may be hard to select.

Also, there is a lasso mode for the 2d selection tool allowing you to draw a lasso freehand style around a group of objects you wish to select.

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