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xerox parc 1970s

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see 10:26


this is how vw needs to work

this explains how sketch-up caught everyone by suprise when it first came out.

they understood the concepts of the xerox parc research in the 1970s

the first bim system that can work like this will eclipse all others

less dialog boxes more Sychronous Technology like solid edge by Siemens

this includes the movement of data also "drag and drop" data packets

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I worked at Xerox and can say that the technologies they or any other company has are quite often advanced. The main problem is the general scope of the business and does the technology fit their lines. Lets face it Xerox needed to produce digital paperwork as they say an end to "photo copies" they invented "at SPARC the mouse, WYSIWYG, ethernet, the icon, touch screen, digital scanning, and the graphical interface among other things. They saw no need for the personal work station beyond their immediate requirements and scraped the program. It was later sold in parts to two stat ups-Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

In a similar story I met the individual at Control Data that saw the need for a personal work station in the late 60's but it did not fit CD's mold and the project was scraped (along with the entire company 20 years later because they did not foresee the future).

Much of what I am sure NV has does not fit their mold but it does help now days with the present boards. This allows for our input for what we need and would like to see. but it is up to the techs to determine if they can do.

I wish there was a better way!

Sorry, a little off topic. just reminiscing.

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