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VW 2013 has become a crashing monster


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So, VW 2013 is having trouble and crashing with such alarming regularity it's taking my breath away at least) (ten or so in the last couple hours at least). I won't go into how untimely-in the middle of a crucial dwg I am-blah blah blah. We've all been there. I just want need it to work.

Anyone with helpful thoughts welcome...

Herewith the crash report: (whoops, apparently the crash report is too big although it previews fine). Never mind about the crash report then.

Have I rebooted? yes. Did it help? no.

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I experienced a lot of crashes too, I contacted tech support several times, one suggestion they had, was to try disconnecting my external monitor - Hdmi tv.

This changed nothing, another that has helped is to watch the memory usage in activity monitor and when vw is using about 1.5 gb of memory to close and restart vw. Even if there is plenty of free ram available ( I have 32 gb). This solved a good share of the crashes, but I still am experiencing behaviors such as screen redraws not happening unless I change views , this is also solved by restarting vw.

I have a new iMac and most of my crashes involved rendering or editing textures. I suspect it is a graphics card related issue.

I even had apple replace my logic board because there was no clear pattern to the crashes.

There is some serious issues with vw and my new 2012 iMac .


.....A follow up, I installed some temp. monitors, I see my CPU getting pretty hot, after a few renders CPU Core 1: 100? C

2:85 ? 3: 104? 4:91? 5:101? 6:97? 7:98?

This seems very hot , and reached in just a few minutes, the graphics processor is staying in the 50?s.

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In a blank document, I recreated the layer stack, and copied/pasted into each layer the various drawing items.

I left out of the new dwg the five symbols made from one instance of the human figure tool.


No more crashes and a diminution in file size of some 8MB.

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Trouble here too with VW 2013 64-bit. Looks to be graphics drivers. In my case, ADM V7900. I noticed others are using NVIDA. Would be interesting if it was a graphics driver with that brand also.

Was using the latest ADM graphics driver ( per WK recommendations. Was crashing opening a particular drawing and sometimes just starting VW.

Switch to the current Windows driver using Device Manager and search. No VW crash, but there's a problem with this driver and Acrobat and Air being blurry.

Installed an older driver from ADM website (FirePro_8.982.8.3). No VW crash. And no issues with Acrobat and Air being blurry. So far...

VW has a lot of information about graphic card issues. But one still has to hunt and peck to find a suitable driver. I do wish that VW would work directly with ADM and NVIDA, like Adobe, AutoDesk and others do to make a performance driver.

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vWorks is just losing it. Major price increases, with minimal service / functionality increases combined with constant crashing = dull boy.

I'm on the latest sp3 of vworks on macbook pro i7, updated etc... and i crash about 15 times a day. Once I restart it stays solid for about an hour? then its crash city.

Killing me.

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I had a similar problem last year. Turned out to be a very old extension for software that I no longer had that was launching itself and chewing up memory.

I ended up just doing a nuke and pave to clear out many years of old cruft and VW returned to it's normal-once-in-a-while crashing behavior.



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We tried installing and using 2013 Architect w/Renderworks on a new project once I saw that SP4 was available (I don't trust using VW from 0-SP3 because I know it's littered with bugs). However, seems that things are still not working properly with SP4 as we have been getting 2-3 crashes per day on a brand new project... clean file.. etc.

Have we decided to troubleshoot the issue?


We simply went back to VW 2012. It's not worth spending valuable time on trying to fix something that should have been put on the market in a working condition... maybe with one SP ... not putting out fixes every few months!

Perhaps they should put a version out every 2 years instead? Spend the interm time making an awesome product rather than a "new" on that's buggy and crappy except for the last 4 months of it's shelf life before the next "NEW and IMPROVED" version arrives.

Fix it please.

You'll get more clients that way.

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Has anyone found any answers to VW2013 crashing all the time. Mine crashes about 3-4 time a day. I set the auto save to save every 5 mins so I don't loose to much. Fortunately it has that option to not alert me every time it backs up but I upgraded to to get away from crashing. I was running 2008 before this and never had this many problems.

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I have actually found 2013 to be one of the more stable versions and have only had an occasional complex-rendering related crash. While there may be some issue that causes VW to crash consistently, which must be very frustrating, I believe it has to do with a workflow or configuration used be a minority of users.

I do know that NV investigates crashes thoroughly, but they can't fix what doesn't get reported. I encourage you to visit http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit.php and submit crash logs, test files, and any actions that may consistently cause a crash. You probably won't get a reply unless they require further information. Bug submits are not the same as tech support, so those who have already contacted tech support, your issues may not have necessarily been submitted as bugs.

You can also contact tech support so that they may talk you through some troubleshooting steps.

There are two suggested fixes in this thread. Perhaps some other users will post some successes.


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FIRST: Thank you Mr Benghiat for the clarity of your instructions above, very useful indeed. Should the thing crash again, I will submit the crash log, etc. Test file they probably can't have -NDA- and all.


SECOND: Hello all my peeps! I am re-raising this thread from 2013 because it seems apt today. 

VWX 2020 has now crashed 3x in a row, after no more than 3 minutes of work each time. exhausting.

  1. Open a 2019 file
  2. Replace 5 fixtures with the new type, change their gel color and add gobo (from another file)
  3. Set RW Camera
  4. View Camera
  5. click Fast Renderworks: Crash
  • Repeat from Step 4, trying different Render mode (Custom, set very low except for Antialiasing) Crash
  • Repeat again, with Fast RW: Crash again




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