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Can the selection tool work like in AutoCAD

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Can i change the cursor/selection settings so that everything that is even partially covered by the marquee is selected?

Ideally i want it to behave like the AutoCAD selection tool, where a marquee drawn from right to left will select anything completely covered by the marquee but when drawn from left to right it will select anything that the marquee touches?

I am constantly frustrated when i want to select a small part of a drawing/group and have to zoom all the way out in order to find a empty space to start drawing the marquee so i don't accidentally move items behind what i want to select.

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Great! now is there a way to swap it so that's the default setting?

Is there a way to make the selection tool not select something that i am hovering over? ie, I have a several small rectangles sitting inside a larger rectangle and i want to select the smaller ones with a marquee. if i'm zoomed in and try to draw a selection marquee around the them, it instead grabs and moves the larger one in the background. how can i work around this without having to zoom all the way out?

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Hmm, ok, i think that only works with overlapping 3D objects. I'm dealing with 2D rectangles with a fill (that's just the way they do it in this office). Is there perhaps a view setting so that everything (even 2D filled shapes) is seen in wireframe? I think that would solve my problem.

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