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3D Hatch in Hidden Line

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I am trying to get a hatch to appear when doing a 3D hidden line view of something. I have a hatch that is basically a wood grain hatch that I want shown on a isometric viewport on a sheet layer. However I am not sure how to potentially accomplish this without tracing everything on a layer plane at a isometric view and applying the hatch to that.

I am pretty sure someone here has probably done this before and I am hoping they would be able to enlighten me on how to do this.



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Create the Planer Surface with the Extract Tool in the Model Menu. Then apply your 2d hatch to that. Use the Attribute Mapping Tool to modify the origin.

Unless its been fixed there is a bug in the Attribute Mapping Tool. If you turn it on and immediately begin to 'nudge' your hatch to a new origin it won't 'stick'. But if you manually move the origin with your cursor to a new location first and then use your 'nudge' it will stick.

Hope this helps.


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I am hoping someone has a way to do this without reproducing the geometry. My reason being I have done the above and similar operations, but we have had to modify our 3d elements for items and recreate the 2D portion as described. This just gets a little old and I wasn't sure if someone had some great secret way to do this that I did not know about.



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