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Multi screen palette location save



I work on a laptop, and every morning I connect my laptop to another screen. I use the larger screen for drawing, and the laptop screen for my palettes. So everyday I have to move the palettes to my laptop screen. I WISH there was a way I could use a saved pre-arrangement of my palettes on my laptop screen with the drawing on my large screen.

I know you can do this already, but only for one screen.


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I believe you can do what you're asking by creating two workspaces. At least it used to work (it's been a few years since I worked with multiple setups). Here's how: first, create a custom workspace on your laptop. It could be an exact copy of one of the stock workspaces, just renamed. In this workspace move or relocate all of your palettes, etc to your preferred locations for working on the laptop. Next, open VW's on the larger setup, then create a second workspace. Make it an exact copy of the first workspace, but give it a discreet name. After creation, move all of the palettes to your desired locations on the larger setup. That's it. In theory, each time you work on the laptop without the extra display you will change to that workspace; and each time you switch to the larger setup you will change to that workspace. Let us know if it works!

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