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move door in walls (2 types)

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How can i move a door, in wall, that has 1 wall type on 1 side and a different wall type on the other side?

ie, i have drawn an office with a section of glazed partition to the left of the door. to the right of the door is a solid partition. i now want to move the door half a meter to the left. When i try doing this i end up with half a meter of glazed partition to the left of the door. but i want the solid partition to stretch across with the door.

can anyone help me with this please?

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Jonathan's got the answer. Make sure every point you want to move is in the multiple-reshape marquee. I often use the "tab" to bring up the floating data bar (you may have different settings for data bar visibility), tab again to go to the "L" field, enter the distance you want, press "Enter", then hold shift to constrain to the direction you want to move.

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