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Importing BIM object models

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So, after much searching and gnashing of teeth with some pulling of hair thrown in....I'm wondering, does anyone know how to take BIM object models that are in either Revit or Archicad format and bring them into Vectorworks?

I'm not talking about IFC imports either. I'm talking about going to a product website, downloading their object models and bringing them into Vectorworks.

Any ideas?

As always I appreciate the help!


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LOL...At a guess the geometry guy

I wish he focused more on aEC and less on artists

Their artist spin on things is costing projects.my2c


I got frustrated and angry about the way Robert creates his simplified object from the real one: It just had to look like it was correct! Why not create it correct in the first place? This is the reason I 'hate' many draftsmen/architects, because it just have to look correct, but they don't give a s* about it being correct. And in this case it will be used by so many people...... Oh, what about the real builders slapping on all bricks so it looks correct instead of being correct?

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in the traditional construction process there are two design methods: i call the first 'a german one', and the second 'a french one'.

in the first method a designer designs everything to the detail, puts it on a 'polierplan' (the main graphical document in the technical project phase) and provides all links to the detail (and other) views.

the second method is to endow the drawings with accurate known geometry and with the placeholders that will then be replaced by the detailed drawings from the manufacturers and shop drawings from the contractors. the placeholders have their more or less schematic geometry and the description of how the future objects have to look like.

the first method is cumbersome, but it retains the full control, the second one is flexible and more cooperative, yet requires a further design commitment of various stakeholders.

how do you think they both fit into the bim environment?


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