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Easy Symbol and Record creation


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Hi all,

I would like to make a symbol similar to the receptacle, communication tools where I draw a shape that then is attached to a record which describes what the symbol is: in my case I have a drafted symbol to represent window treatments being control by motors (i.e. motorized blinds). I want to place this symbol and have control over the following:

1. display a label which indicates the type of motor and window treatment. This is an abbreviation which is used on a specification and notes sheet. I.e. E-01

2. Have a list of types from which to select, i.e. E-01, E-02...E-08, or a data field where I can enter the number for each instance of the symbol.

3. ability to toggle the label on or off; i.e visibility control via a boolean command, or something; NOT by turning off a class.

4. Possibly be able to have different symbols depending on which label is selected; similar to how I choose between different receptacle types.

I do not know or understand vector script, nor do I have time to learn programming. PIO is a mystery to me - like much of the program - but I have extensive parametric model experience using other programs where creating these types of items is GUI based. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Or better yet, tell me how to find the VW receptacles symbol so that I can cannibalize it, and make what I need from it?

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I've done a couple of this sort of thing with standard tools.

Attached is a file with them for you to re-arrange as needed.

  • As you can see they are all very similar objects. 2D w/text, 3D & record.
  • Placing linked text on different classes will force you to always use that class for that text. Unless you edit the symbol.
  • I use worksheets a lot to keep track of the details.
  • I find data entry tedious in the OIP. So worksheets help a lot there too.

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