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DWG import/export problems

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I don't like the way VWs has become very cranky when it involves DWG import and export (especially export).

It takes a very long time to import very small DWG files set to the simplest settings, and export is a nightmare, not only is it impossible to export sheets as 2d model space DWGs, i now have a problem in one of my files simply exporting Sheets as is, after a couple of actions I get the Marble of Death and need to force quit VWs.....

I had to tell an external construction consultant they could only get model dwgs today because my CAD program couldn't export the sheets, this is very embarrassing and puts me in a bad light both in and outside the office, people wonder why I use this software?

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OK thanks Pete, then there is some glitch in my system or a combination OSX -VW2013.....bugger. However the fact remains it is cranky, I've been using this software long enough to recognize crankiness/instability as opposed to a plain old simple bug.....

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