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Real time walk throughs

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I want to be able to take walk throughs to the next level. I can render a model in Renderworks. I can export it to programmes like C4D (I've yet to try Maxwell) and make even nicer images.

I can animate Renderworks Walk Throughs, but as far as I can see I don't know of a way to take a Real TIme, rendered Walk Through. (Not to mention the Walk Through tool is somewhat 20th century.)

Is there a piece of software out there I can export my VW model to that allows me to have a somewhat finished render (even in open GL)? I have seen that would allow one to take clients though a model in real time?

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It's a plug in, very easy to use. It will create an .exe file, that runs on anything, no software needed. After running the plugin, you will get an .exe file that you can send to anyone, although I believe there's an option to post it somewhere so parties can view it.

Anyway, what you get is a textured model that seems to be running off of OpenGL, I'd say medium settings. You can walk through, orbit, etc, just by using a mouse.

Users can make notes, post back to groups and so forth. It's very bare bones, but for what it does it does it well.

It's not "presentation ware", as in a guided walkthrough that's basically a movie. It's a " take a look at this model and let me know what you think kind of thing.

I've found it useful for just that.

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One Major Prob.

While CadFaster does work with VW on a MAC to produce the shareable 3D thingie. Anyone with a MAC cannot view the resulting exe file unless one runs Windoz & my emulation software does not open this kind of exe file. One may open it on an iPad but no viewer for iPhone.

So this might be a good product, but who can tell.

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