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Pepper Tree in Library?

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Is there a Pepper Tree in the photo-realistic library, or a tree or shrub that has a leaf pattern pretty similar that I could use as a decal on an outdoor equipment cabinet? This is for a major cell phone company that I do photo simulations for planning submittals.

I can't seem to find the Latin name example, was hoping that someone with more plant knowledge than I might have another example that might work.

Other than that I might try to do an image prop and mask.

On a related note, searching the X-Frog site if I found and wanted to purchase which format would we use for Vectorworks, 3ds?


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I'm pretty sure the only format Xfrog offers for their 3D plants that VW can import is 3ds. But be aware most of their models are fairly high polygons, 50,000 up to 250,000. VW usually can't handle that. Except for maybe one or two plants in a scene. Maybe. Be sure you download a few of their free sample 3D plants first, that are similar in size and complexity to what you plan on buying, and import them into VW and see how it handles.

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