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Parametric Constraints


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The parametric constraints should work in Perspective View but only if the objects and dimensions are 2D and on the same plane.

I drew this rectangle and then dimensioned it in Screen Plane and then put both items on a 3D plane using the OIP.

When the rectangle is altered the dimension updates.

3D associative dimensions have been on the wish list for a few years now but alas it is not deemed important enough to instigate, which is odd as the world seems to be using, or at least moving towards a complete 3D workflow.


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Hi Guy,

I think what you preferred to is Dimensional Constraint. I was preferring to the Parametric Constraints. Anyway, I believe it is a bug in Vectorworks 2012. I downloaded Vectorworks 2013 trial and it worked fine.

Does anyone know how to make a hybrid symbol (2D/3D Symbol) to display its 3D outline in a top view? I created a simple square and added a locus to the bottom. I then converted them into a hybrid symbol. When I changed to top/plan view, only the locus show up. I rather see the locus and the outline of the box.


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Parametric 3D constraints are also a long wished for feature, sadly we are still waiting!

If you edit the Hybrid Symbol you can change the appearance of the 3D and the 2D view.

Have a look at this for the Symbol question

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