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I have a floor plan referenced into a site plan.

when ever i update the site plan file, the floor plan loses its location and re-centers itself in the center of the page.

what is the pref or option that will prevent this? i need the floor plan to stay right where i place it.

thanks again!

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We are having a similar kind of problem, occasionally. The trouble is its a bit intermittent. It seems to come out when different staff members pick up jobs on another work station. When it occurs it is an absolute headache. Geometry just seem to move about following a new reference being brought in? Here is a recent typical example

>Job starts, we get an OS map from pro map or whatever, import, save file (OS import). This is referenced into a new VW sketch file, and someone starts sketching over the OS for very rough initial client discussions etc.

>Some time later, topographical survey geometry comes in from the surveyors, this is imported in a new drawing, its saved (survey import). The OS import is then referenced in to this drawing. Its in the right place (geo-mapping?). All seems ok.

>Then, the survey import is referenced into sketch file (which already contains the OS import ref.) . But it does not appear where we would expect. The OS import reference is updated or reimported, and it shifts over to where the survey import is, miles away from all the sketch geometry already created.

I can't get the Os import to re- reference back where it originally appeared. It definitely was correct before as all the viewports were set up to sheet layers.

It has occurred a few times. Once we moved all the geometry, and it then shifted back again. We have not changed the user origin, and the ignore source origin tick box is NOT ticked. We have tried playing with these and it gets worse and very confusing. Its if there is a hierarchy of origins or something. Also, it only seems to happen when we move between workstations.

Any one else had this?

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