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Vectorworks does not run!

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Hi everyone,

I believe I have an issue with Vectorworks that has been previously discussed on this forum but none of the solutions proposed so far have worked for me.

I am basically unable to run the software. When I click on the Vectorworks icon, virtually nothing happens, not even a splash screen. The process shows up in the task manager but no instance of the software is to be seen anywhere else.

My computer is a Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-NW130D with an Intel Core Duo 2.10 Ghz and I have 4Gb of RAM. I am running Windows 7 64-bits.

I had Vectorworks 12.5.1 which I used for a very long time.

I also had Vectorworks 2010 which worked fine.

Then something happened, I must have changed configurations or updated Windows, I can't remember what.

The last time I tried to run Vectorworks 2010 it just did what I described earlier. Same thing happened when I tried to run Vectorworks 12.5.1.

Then I installed Vectorworks 2012. It installed with no problem but did the same thing when I tried to run it.

I have tried Running it as an administrator with no success.

I have tried uninstalling and then installing as an administrator with no success.

I have tried booting in safe mode and then running Vectorworks with no success.

I have tried doing a clean boot, loading only Windows Services with no success.

I have tried uninstalling Quicktime and then installing it from the Vectorworks disc with no success.

I have also tried 3 different Video Card drivers, including the most up to date with no success.

Now I am kinda stumped.

The only thing I haven't tried is reinstalling Windows, which I kinda dread.

If anybody has a an idea where else I should look, I would greatly appreciate it.



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At this point I would contact tech support directly.

They can be reached at 443-542-0411.

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