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Tiered Foundation/Pad Help


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So, this seems to be something that either has not been in the forums or I just haven't entered the right search query.

I have a residential building on a sloped site. The house is split level with one main level and two wings at lower levels, plus a third lower level that is actually under the garage (a equipment room). Add to this a terraced pool/patio area that is at three different elevations.

Question: How do I use pads and grade limits to accurately grade the site?

Thank you!

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For starters, It is my experience that use of multiple Pads and one Grade Limit object (formerly called Boundary or Fence objects) will work best. Make sure the Grade Limit completely surrounds/encompasses all Pads (and other Site Modifiers). Make sure that Pads do not touch each other, and do not touch or overlap the Grade Limits. They can be really close, just not touching. Then it's a matter of choice (or necessity) as to how far away from the Pad edge(s) to place the Grade Limits. Placing the GL's very close to the Pad(s) will give you a nearly vertical result, placing further away will give you a sloping result. Hopefully this is good for a start. Post back with additional questions as needed.

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Peter, thank you!! that seems to be the key I was missing - pads not touching. Previously they touched in plan and I kept getting a warning each time i updated the site model.

Now all is well in the world. I appreciate the help!

Next is to figure out the retaining walls, foundations, footings and sections. This learning curve is killing me.



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