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New line types not showing when referenced

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I am using VW Landmark 2013 but as I don't believe this a Landmark specific issue I am posting here.

I am getting inconsistent results when referencing the new line types like fence line or the ones that have letters spaced along the line (sorry I don't know the specific name for these types of lines but I hope that is clear). Sometimes these lines when referenced into files are not showing up, even when their respective classes and design layers are turned on in the veiwport. When hovering over the area of the viewport where these lines should be, I see a highlighted dashed line representing their location but no matter what I try I can't make them visible. This is happening in both design layer workspaces "model space" and on sheet layers but only when these lines are in viewports that reference other files.

We are trying to incorporate these line types into our drafting standards but this issue is making it impossible.

Any thoughts?

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