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Viewport Layer Dash Visibility Option

The Hamma


I wish that in addition to being able to turn viewport layers On/Off/Grey there was also an option to turn them "ON Dashed" or "Grey Dashed". I know I could do this if all my line types were attached to class options but this is not always feasible but it would be nice to make an entire viewport dashed lines.

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I was just going to add this suggestion. We end up having to HIDE a Class & put these dotty / dashy lines in Annotation Layers for many common things like Cabinet or Shelf Above, Beam & Post locations. Also on a small project one may not require a full Reflected Ceiling Plan, it may be enough to note a bulkhead for example.

Using Grey Class is in many cases the next best thing to useless as a cabinet above in a grey class hides whatever is below. A DASH visibility would have to also be made so that it was the OUTLINE of an object AND that the fill was NONE, otherwise it would be the same result as the present Grey Visibility.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Submitting request for options of dashed and dashed-gray layers now.

I think the last part would not be a good idea, because then you would have overrides of overrides and it would be easy to lose track of where the attributes of an object is being controlled from.

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Yes please to dashed option for grey layer!

Perhaps the user could choose their "grey layer" line weight, colour and line type in preferences?

Ideally with separate sheet layer and design layer options, so it worked as usual in design layers, but printed as desired in sheet layers.

It wouldn't cause chaos, just give control over the shade of grey?

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