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best way to set up common symbol library?


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I am working on a development with 20+ buildings. most of the doors and windows will be consistent throughout the project so my questions is:

what is the best way to set up a (window/door type / detail) symbol library that would reflect through all the buildings. where everything can be updated from one location. i am not sure what VW calls this. ArchiCad calls it simply a symbol library and it works really well, because i could simply scroll through different elements and use it on multiple addresses.

I am still newish, to VW and thought I would save myself alot of headache having to work through issues that you experts have already smoothed out.


VW 2013 - fundamentals


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Create a VW file as a library. Then you can reference these symbols in the files you use for your buildings. If you change the symbols, you can update the reference and those symbols will reflect the changes. You can reference a symbol by having the file of the building as the active drawing, going to your resoursce palette of the library file and right click the symbol you want to reference and choose the correct option.

Try to use a relative reference and keep the files together in the same structure. This makes it easy later on when you move the project or making changes to your folder structure, so that you don't have to rereference all the stuff. Actually, never use absolute referencing for this.

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