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Record Info Does not update for Symbols Already Placed in Document

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I have a completed project that I need to go in and change some of the descriptions in the record fields of the symbols. I successfully changed the record data, and new symbols placed have the updated record data. However, the hundreds of symbols already placed in the document do not update with the new record info. Their physical 2D appearance does update when I make a change I the symbol. Is there a reason the record info will not update in symbols already placed? Is this is how the program is supposed to work, and if so, is there a work-around of any kind? Thank you.

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This is the way it works.

Once a symbol is placed the record data belongs exclusively to that symbol instance. Changing the record data of the symbol definition will not change the instances.

Try to make a worksheet database showing all of the symbol instances. From there you should be able to rapidly edit all of the data to match the updated symbol instance.

In the worksheet if you copy a single cell and then paste it into a selected range, every cell in the range will be assigned the data. This is different than Microsoft Excel, but give a capability similar to Fill Down in Excel.

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Pat, thank you for your explanation. It sounds like this is how Vectorworks is supposed to behave.

Your suggestion for replacing data in the worksheet was helpful. However, I will also need to create some new worksheets and really need the records replaced in the existing symbols. This is a situation that I expect to occur regularly in my work, and wonder if there is another way to replace the record info in existing symbols at all. So far I have been manually replacing them, but it's very time consuming.

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I think you can have it both ways.

It depends on how you want to organize and present the data. For example, if you attach the record data to an object within the symbol, it should update all instances of the symbol.

In the example below (VW file attached), the symbols in green have a record attached to the symbol object on the design layer. This allows them to have unique ID labels (101, 102, 103).

The symbols in red, have the record attached to the circle object within the symbol definition. Each instance of the object has the same ID label (104).


Hope this helps,


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