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I attempted a batch plot of 5 sheets, VW froze on me so I had to initiate a force quit on my session. Upon relaunching the software and opening my project file I get this message:

Unexpected end of file encountered during file read operation (failure on attempt to read file)

This same message I also get when I try to open the backup file as well. Once the file does open about half the model, including all my sheet files are GONE. I have a client meeting in 2 hours.


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Just in case:

I don't know which backup you are looking at. But recent versions of VW create a backup folder and place a backup copy of the file in it for each AutoSave action initiated by VW. The default location of this auto backup folder is same folder where the active file is located. There may be several backup files in that folder from different times. Try them all.

Or you might have a TimeMachine or other external software backup in addition to the autosave ones?

Your only choice may be to remake as many sheets as you have time for. Save them as PDF and plot/print the pdfs.

Good luck! Sorry for your troubles.


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I always get that whenever I save directly to a hard drive on the network. All files get corrupt like that.

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Looks like I may end up having to rebuild the model this weekend. It wasn't just the sheets that went away. Half the building model including design layers are just gone.

I appreciate the quick responses though!

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Hippo, thanks. Yeah, it seems the office practice will just have to be that we keep local copies on the desktop to work from and upload to network at end of day. Sucks, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

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New File

New Design Layer

Click - Import Design Layers

Browse to your corrupt file

Select all DLs and check "Import Layer Objects"

With any luck your model will come through.

You will still have to recreate Sheet Layer VPs etc.

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Point your backup at a local drive location as opposed to the server but work off the server. This should keep the backup from getting corrupt.

The import design layers should work, we have used this with corrupt files before, hopefully yours are not to corrupt.

You basically SOL on the sheet layers though.

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Thanks everyone. Unfortunately importing the old model was a bust. It crashed VW twice upon attempting import. Which is another problem I was having - multiple crashes.

Hopefully Tech Support will be able to recover the file. Till then I'll just have to rebuild the model.


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