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Nicholas Dexter

Landscape area tool

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Hi Everyone.

I'm a bit stuck with a project as I need to specify planting areas by qty.

The best tool seems to be the landscape area tool - but it automatically calculates the qty based on surface area rather than allowing me to simply enter the number if plants required.

To override this automatic qty calculation I am having to guess the number of plants per sqm. For example changing 5per/sqM to 8.82 (or something) to get get the desired qty I want.

Vw 2013 Landmark user.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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You can change the planting density from Plants per sq meter to Meters on Center and then specify the spacing you want if that helps?

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Thanks Peter / Tamsin,

Yes - a strange problem as I know this is not the best way to work normally. ie. CAD should give the definitive answer in terms of qty.

However, I have inherited the calculations from someone else and I need to graphically display this info in terms of a plant schedule.

The plan I am referencing has zones mapped out with quantities already labeled (in pen and ink) .

Ideally I was looking for a way to draw a polygon zone and to 'force' the spreadsheet to add say 44 Lavender to this area.

I'm trying the Meters centre method now - but I think it still requires me to calculate the centre spacing.

If not, I'll simply use call out boxes and tally them manually,



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There are many instances when 'manually' is best. It is faster and you know you can type it in. Of course this defeats the "draw it once" BIM, etc. theories and philosophies. But sometimes you just have to get the work done!

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You only have to do a simple calculation

IOW you place a Landscape Area with your plant and it says 142 plants and you want 44

Look at how many per m2 are the default, calculate it backwards to your 44, adjust the quantity per m2 and Bob is your uncle

Do it all the time especially for hedges

No need for Call Out boxes

Landscape Area is a cool and powerful tool

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