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Imported PDF's have detectable grips...

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I've imported a PDF cabinetry layout into my drawing to trace over.

The Vectorworks cursor can detect all the various grips/ midpoints/ centrepoints of the PDF I've imported, however they're all uniformly offset/ shifted from the PDF "image".

Does anyone know of a way I can justify the grips to line through with the image? Is there something I've done when I've imported it?

I'm using Vectorworks 2010, SP4 - Fundamentals/ Architect.

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Depending on how the PDF was created it might be a problem with the PDF not lining up the vector and raster portions.

Try Peter Cipes idea and Ungoup the imported PDF. You should end up with three objects.

Top: A raster image object. Delete this.

Middle: A plain white rectangle that represents the page. Delete this.

Bottom: A group containing all of the vector information in the file. Trace this or enter/un-group and use the objects as they are.

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