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Linked Layers

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After messing around for a while, it appears that I cannot add new layers or remove layers once I have created a linked layer set. Can't redefine that set. I get the dialog box, and select new things, but it seems to have no effect. True or false?

Having said that, linked layers are quite cool and will save me lots of time compared to how other software did things. But I change my mind a lot and would prefer to be able to change the composition of a linked layer.

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Well that just sounds just plain illogical. You're likely right, but I can't think of a reason it'd be that way, and the interface, by not disabling the Linked Layer menu item, suggests that it should be possible. Ideally, NNA can make what seems like a simple change to allow links to be redefined. If not, at least the interface should reflect that.

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When you create a layer link of several layers, each becomes a separate locked "layer link object".

You can always unlock and delete the ones that refer to layers you don't want linked anymore.

You can also use the View/Create Layer Link... menu to add any new layer you decide to link after the initial procedure.

Important: Z information is read only at the time of the linking. If you change your layers' Zs you should unlock, delete and re-create the affected layer links.


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Thanks for the guidance. I understand it, except...

>each becomes a separate locked "layer link object".

>You can always unlock and delete the ones that refer to layers you don't want linked anymore.

I've noticed it's locked by selecting an object and looking in OIP. But I can't find where to look for the way to unlock it. Not "Layers..." or anywhere else I've snooped around. Got a hint? Thanks.

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The coolest thing about links is that although they are locked, and cannot be modified in terms of which parent layers are embedded in them, or the Z values of those layers, if you make change to an element in the parent layer (ie: move a door, make a wall taller, change a color or texture, etc.) it WILL show up in the link. So if you actually need to show different layers od Z values in your link, yes, you need to start with a new link, but if you are merely making changes to existing elements...Hope this helps. PLC

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Re that Edit|Unlock, it's disabled....unless you select an object, which I never tended to do in a Linked Layer, and in which case I woulda figured it to Unlock the object, rather than the layer, but I see now how they do it.

It seems I can add new layers into the link by successive uses of the Link command, but I cannot remove layers. Right?

None of this is a complaint about LL, be/c they're totally cool and convenient. I use them constantly. Just trying to figure out the nuances, which, shall we say, are not exactly exhaustively documented. smile.gif" border="0

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Some basics for layer linking.

When you have linked a layer it comes in "locked" i.e. it cannot be moved, rotated etc. You have to go to the Edit menu and choose "Unlock ".

To delete a layer link you do not do this through a menu item.

You simply click on the object on the screen and hit the delete key. (must be unlocked)

We have found layer linking one of the best features of VW.

Hope this helps.


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So when you select objects in an unlocked linked layer, you're really selecting the layer the objects belong to, rather than the drawing object itself? Odd. Seems like an unnecessary complication. My assumption was that the Create Layer Link command would always highlight the layers linked to the current layer, and that either unselecting them or selecting new ones is how you'd change the composition of the set--after all, it's just a list with multiple selections. Oh well.

Thanks for the explanations.

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