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Symbol Watermark



I would like to have a way to watermark or lock a symbol I created. When sharing files with clients, I am okay with them using the symbols I created, as long as it is within the file I sent them. I don't want them to be able to take that symbol that I spent time creating or spent money on, and use it in their library.

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Jim has a good point, but I think it's a matter of balance. If I watermark too much, many users will avoid interaction with my drawings and objects, thereby making me obsolete (I may be there anyway). Unwatermarked may save other users some time by copying mine. But I can use free ones by others, too.

If CAD objects I distribute, including watermark ones, are really difficult to make but wildly necessary for lots of users, then the watermark ones my drive some business my way from the designers or end users.

The mfgs of stair rail components, hardware, roofing components etc benefit from free distribution of their drawings and symbols because of design differences and mass sales. The CAD models are marketing tools for existing product lines. Look for increasingly data rich symbols from mfgs to go along with BIM practice - sort of barrage watermarking with data: dims, supply chain & pricing, install/maint, etc ready to port into worksheets or other product datasets and cookies or other IT devices to create 2 way reporting.

OK, not yet, but on the horizon.

I'm a +1 on this, but it's not high on my list.


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