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Fit walls to object


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I have been working on a model of a house for several days. I had all the walls fit to the roofs nicely, i.e.: all the gable walls were peaked etc.... Then today after changing a view all of the walls are now flat on top and projecting through the roof surface. I now can't get the walls to fit to the roof surface anymore they just stay at the same height and flat on top. Nothing has changed on the roof layer, so I am not sure what is going on here. Anyone else hear of this problem before and know of any way to correct the issue?


By the way I am using VW2013 SP2

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I can't explain why your walls changed but the whole roof tool and fit walls to roof tool seem very finicky. Last week I changed position in the 3D mode and my whole model disappeared. I could not locate by undoing so reverted to a saved view.

I think this is the same problem I am experiencing. Having fitted the walls to roof once I believe the tool does not work a second time on the same wall, not that there is a pop up or warning to tell you this in advance, so if you modify the walls or roof after using the fit walls to roof you appear to be prevented from refitting the walls.

Unfortunately the manual solution of fitting walls to roof also appears as a bit of a fudge. You can select individual walls and using the 3D reshape tool pull them up and down, but what you cant do is prevent the thickness of roof poking through the roof slope whilst having the walls the full height of the internal bearing. The top of the wall cannot be chamfered or stepped to fit the roof slope with the reshapping tool, in that respect the 3D reshaping tool is very limited in what it can do.

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I was and still am having problems with the fit to wall tool.

I was having trouble with the roof cutting the gable wall, it would not do it until I had the wall on the same level as the roof.

I still am having problems under a stair, some walls will fit to the stair others will not.

Also, you can re-fit to walls, my stair configuration change and I just selected the wall to fit and they did.


using VW2013

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I'm having the same problem today. The tool does seem to have a bit of an attitude as this is an intermittent problem I've had since the beginning.

In my current case, I have a floor plan, attic plan and roof plan. I have walls on the attic plan that I need to extend to meet the gable end in order to close the space and it simply won't work. I even deleted and recreated the walls on the attic layer and still no go. I'm ready to pull my hair our.

The only thing I can think of is that the bearing of the roof and the level of the attic are the same elevation and this may be causing the hiccup. But this has never happened before and other walls have fit to roof with the same parameters.

Anyone have additional thoughts?


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In my case, what worked was to move the walls from the attic layer to the floor layer and fit to roof. then move walls back to attic layer and adjust top and base offsets.

Vincent, manually adjusting wall tops would take forever and so far I've not been able to accurately match it with the bottom of the roof anyway. There always seem to be little gaps no matter what.


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