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Hi, As I transitioned from VW Architect 2008 to 2013, the major issue I had, was that once saved some of my existing files-templates with key notes and legend, into 2013 versions, the key notes go crazy! :)

1-I used to put the key notes and their automatic legend into the annotation portion of the view-ports in the sheet layers.

However now the legend appears outside of the annotation environment. It just floats outside on the sheet layer.

2- the legend used to read the keynotes within that layer. Now the legend read notes from the whole file!

3- the legend size and formatting is crazy and not adjustable.

4- I tried to copy and paste keynotes and legends from a file to another and they change, issues 1-3 happen again.

I noticed that now on the keynotes object info you can specify "default legend" or this and that but it only helped to a point.

Help! How can I have the same keynotes tool smooth and clear experience as before? I tried converting to new notes, a lot of mess. I hate to re-type all of my standard notes..

Thank you

VW 2013 Architect Renderworks Windows

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I too, have had a similar crazy keynotes problem - which is the reason it will be first and last time I ever use them! The file I created was in VW 2010 and still is - there is really no reason for this and it drives me crazy. I also found that the make the files ridiculously slow.

The sheet looks fine and then when I edit the keynote legend, all of the keynotes go crazy. So far, my only fix has been to do a custom selection (Record - Callout - is present) of the keynotes and then in the object info palette - click OFF place as keynote, and then click back ON, then the will reset and look normal.

If someone has a better solution or information as to why this is happening in would be great to know.

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