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Lumion3D & VW

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It didn't really impress me, in fact, I thought it looked a little cheesy. I didn't see anything that couldn't be done just as well, if not better, in VW or C4D. I think you'd do much better buying Julian's Animation Works for $200.00 and creating the video inside VW. Just use high render settings and be prepared to wait a while. But that's true no matter which rendering software you use.

Just my 2 cents. Rendering/Animation is always just a matter of opinion, and what one person thinks looks great another thinks looks bad, and vice versa.

Nemetschek/Maxon's annual rendering contest is a perfect example. All the ones I think look fantastic never win, and the ones who win I usually think are low quality and amateurish. It's all personal preference.

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I saw a presentation recently on C4D, and it is impressive. the light quality is beautiful.

i love animation works. It makes it so easy to place the cameras and paths. But it really shines when you use the animation features, so you can make doors open and cars drive past. i am teaching Animationworks this week to my subscribers and I am just finished in manual for it now.

here is a short extract movie..

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You're right about VW slowing to a crawl with anything close to a detailed model. That's an unfortunate given. That's why I would do it in C4D. I think the work flow issues between VW and Lumion3D would require a lot more time involvement than going between VW and C4D. But that's just a guess on my part.

But if you don't want to spend $3,000 - $4,000 on another app just to create animations, I would still go with AnimationWorks and do it inside VW. I think you can create some pretty nice animations, it will just take longer. I don't think Jon's animation was going for super high realism, I think it was more of an example of how you can track camera's, open doors, etc. The shadows, realism, etc., is really up to the render settings and camera settings you choose (not creating exaggerated/distorted perspective) and your time constraints. The CineRender engine is very good in my opinion and can create an excellent render.

But again, that's a matter of personal preference. What you can't argue with, is the slowness you mention. Or the convoluted way VW makes you do things. Or things like a lack of pre-built libraries. Especially high quality models. I agree with you there.

Lumion3D does look like it would have a good workflow with other 3D apps they list, but VW isn't one of them.

I don't think it creates 3D visualization near as well as C4D, especially if you add in dedicated rendering plugins like Maxwell, etc. C4D is hard to beat for quality renders.

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