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My Existing Source Data on DTM is greyed out

steve s

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Sooo, visibility problems are usually related to class settings.

Set Class Options to Show Snap Modify Others via the Navigation palette or in the Menu>View>Class Options. I am guessing that your overall class visibility option is set to Grey Others or Grey Snap Others. If the greyed objects are not in the active class, they will be visible, but not selectable.

If the overall Class setting is good and the source objects are still grey or some are invisible, check again to be sure that visibility for all the classes is set (temporarily) to Visible when you edit source data. It is possible your source objects are in several classes and some of those classes are set to invisible or grey. Use the Nav Palette or Organization Palette to expand any folded classes in the class list and verify that they are set to visible. Or Option click a column in the Nav Palette to change the whole list in one go, but remember to cmd Z right away or you will have to reset individually or return to a saved view with the desired settings.

If I delete all source data from an existing site model, the dtm devolves to a little red box with an x. So if you are seeing the site model, you should have the source data.


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I'm adding a follow-up here:

I was having a similar problem where, despite setting all classes and all layers to Visible, and even copy-pasting just the Site Model to a brand-new blank document, I STILL could not see the Site Model Source Data (points, e.g. 3d loci).

Solution: Go to Vectorworks preferences, then to the Display pane, and be sure "Display 3D loci" is set to "Always."

(I had mine set to "none" previously, so I could never see any of my 3D loci.)

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